January 05, 2015



About This Project


The project was composed of talent cultivation plan by Taiwan  Design Center and Taiwan Samsung Electronics, aiming to “Solve for Tomorrow by Social Design” as the spindle, to call on creative design talents by using creativity mind to emerge commitment and vision of “livable city”, Samsung in Taiwan has been participating in social responsibility without saying, and moreover to discuss “how to make a better life” and to serve the society.


Meanwhile invited Samsung designers located in South Korea and Shanghai to Taiwan, to share experience with local design talents together. In the end,  the top 5 elites were selected from the trials by Samsung, to represent the design department talents of Taiwan, to communicate and practice in Samsung’s headquarter in Shanghai.




VOCUIS was facing multiple challenges. International enterprise – Samsung, specializing in from electronics to biology, technology. To share its concept of innovation & high-tech with people all the time, in which way of how this concept will be injected into the key visual of the event, which is the primary objective.


Secondly, the key visual’s audiences who are from various professional design institutions, the KV must attract those future designers of the eyes, therefore it would require a strong sense of design creation. As the enterprise, Samsung has been fulfilling its social responsibility and to protect the earth’s resources, it is also necessary to deliver the contribution of Samsung CSR spirit presented in the design.




VOCUIS was invited by Taiwan Design Center, we cleverly visualized the concept of “virtuous heart “, also high-tech quality into abstraction, by inspired from the heart, feeling as the main concept of creation, re-interpreted with the meaning “performances of kindness” of Samsung enterprise, convey to the design department talents, a message of creating design work that is meaningful for society.