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SOCO Machinery


SOCO Machinery



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SOCO Machinery was founded in 1979, with the laser cutting machine (laser pipe cutting machine), circular saw machine, bending machine and a pipe end chamfering machine as operating main shaft of the company. With branch offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong and China, more than 30 years of technical experience and research of energy accumulation, at present for the circular saw machine and bending machine, the market share and scale is No1 in Asia, also the world’s top five manufacturers.



With over 30 years experience enterprise, brand recognition and part of the brand vision, SOCO’s logo was already registered multinationally, and therefore can not redesign the logo based on brand rectification strategy results, plus visual image with a positive development in the past, without a timely establishment of standards, it led to web design uncompleted, non uniqueness, advertising without consistency, and color confusions of exhibition, unable to highlight the brand characteristics, symbol recognition unified and so forth, a series of visual image lack of uniform standards, they lack a consistent visual impression in the world. In addition, the brand itself, the business process in the past SOCO focused on business promotion, the internal enterprises always lack of brand cohesion and clear cognition, would like to work together with VOCUIS through the brand counseling program, to create brand vision, brand positioning, brand commitment and support etc.



In the part of brand building, VOCUIS studied SOCO’s brand problem through professional brand check and understanding, then through multiple counseling and set brand vision together with SOCO, which SOCO is worth expectation and trustful leading brand, brand culture: forward-looking thoughts leading the trend, becoming an innovative and unique international brand, precise producer and creator; its brand positioning as the international leading brand, with excellent service mechanism to provide extremely innovative, professional and standardized in the reasonably high end machine, and planning of the brand strategy for SOCO to rectify inside and outside the unified brand belief, to improve the overall brand value.