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Strength Master Fitness


Strength Master Fitness


Fitness Equipment




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About This Project


Founded in 1994, Strength Master has been specializing in the development and production of fitness and body-shaping equipment. Strength Master has had a distinguished history of technical and manufacturing excellence, earning an array of international commendations, awards and certifications.


The rapid growth of product sales and corporate recognition has prompted the oem manufacturer to start having concerns as to whether its company and brand imagery are adequate enough to meet the higher specifications demanded by global consumer markets and leading buyers.


Given an intensely short time constraint for the project to complete before the exhibition, VOCUIS took on the challenge of re-developing the brand identity, the corporate image, together with an entire set of brand marketing initiatives, including a new brand identity system, business stationery, brand standards guide book, product catalogue, web site, product aesthetic decals, as well as a brand-new exhibition booth design, that was all completed and produced within 2.5 months.


The new brand imagery was presented at the 2007 Taipei sports show, projecting a powerful sense of professionalism and commercial value, elevating the Strength Master brand away from just being an oem manufacturer, to a high profile fitness equipment brand.