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About This Project


Held by the Taiwan Creative Centre (TDC), Taitung county government to promote the local brand marketing project, to assist the Taitung fine handicraft products and agricultural products, by a professional design company from packaging design to smallholder products and crafts on the ground to the international stage; at the same time, to create a brand of Taitung Hao Wu, by the Taitung county government endorsement certification excellent products, build local brand of the Taitung arts and crafts and agricultural products.



Many representatives of Taitung, how to choose an accurate Taitung representative into the design of brand identity was a huge test, and the packaging design of Taiwan Hao Wu was to provide to use of non-packaging handicraft products and premium agricultural products, how to balance the differences of product attributes in the project, without conflicts among products and which is suitable for every case is a big challenge, in the selection of material color, shape size, to find out the best balance point and does not lose the spirit of Taiwan Hao Wu, was VOCUIS’s direction.



VOCUIS worked through the rapid integration and a clear direction, did an in-depth study toward Taitung, from old Taitung of 100 years ago to new Taitung of 100 years later, did dig out all known or unknown people, things, goods, then composed these elements of Taitung into the recognition design, developed unique Taitung Hao Wu brand identity system belonging to Taitung only, through the new image and the new recognition of the display, showing Taitung has been transforming and new strength of innovation.